Rich wright

In his own words...

"In 2001 I started as a builder and over the years have grown to realize that I enjoy things that challenge me. I spent 5 years as the VP of a large construction company managing over 100 sub-contractors on multi-million dollar projects traveling all over the US. It taught me a lot about quality and dependability not only in the product but the people, from the crew to the management you have nothing if you cant meet any challenge with integrity, quality and dependability. I remember looking out over the mountains in beautiful Keystone Colorado and thought to myself, my upper valley deserves this level of care and craftsmanship. So I made some uncomfortable calls and resigned my position and came back home to the Upper Valley where I was born and raised and set out to prove to myself that I could change the way service was performed in my community. Since then I have grown and expanded my desire to provide top quality service to the area."

Thank you for your time and interest in BWC I look forward to working with you - Rich

the BWC mission

We're on a mission to bring the highest quality property services to the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire .

Rather than offering one service or another, we want to combine services to make our clients' projects as easy and cost effective as possible.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the services that fit their property needs, and budgets.